Regina Open Source Expo 2002

The first annual Regina Open Source Expo took place over two days in November 2002, and by all accounts, the event was a resounding success. The original content of the Expo 2002 web site can be found below. If you're looking for the 2004 Expo web site, it is at www.reginaopensourceexpo.org.

The Regina Open Source Expo is Regina's first exposition for Open Source software. The Expo will be held Friday November 8th and Saturday, November 9th beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the mezzanine level of the Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre, 1818 Victoria Avenue, Regina. Admission is free.

Presentations on 8th will be directed toward the business and corporate environment, and on the 9th toward the home user and hobbyist. As part of the Expo, we will also install Linux on your computer free of charge. (Linux can be installed without removing your existing Windows or Mac OS installation.) To inquire about having Linux installed on your computer and book an appointment please contact Mark Humphreys or use his registration form.

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What is "Open Source"?

When people think of computers, they think of Windows or Macintosh. Open Source and Free software offer an alternative to costly commercial Windows and Mac based software. Open Source is a different approach to the way computer programs are created and maintained. Open Source software is written in a cooperative and colaborative manner. People from all over the world contribute to this development process. Participants in this process range from software professionals working on their own time or with the cooperation of their employers, to programmers working at home on projects sponsored by other organizations.

Open Source software is written to be shared not kept the exclusive secret of a single company. The "source code" -- the underlying blueprint that creates the computer program -- must be freely available. For more information about Open Source, see an article written by Bruce Perens, an Open Source programmer and advocate. This is a response to critical remarks made by Craig Mundie, Senior Vice President of Microsoft.

Most Open Source software is designed to run under Linux. Linux is a unique Open Source operating environment different from Windows and Mac OS but can do all of the same things; surf the web, send e-mail, process documents, play games, burn cds, scan, print, send faxes and so forth. Linux and Open Source software can be installed on any computer that runs Windows or Mac OS. Linux and Open Source software offer a reliable, lower cost alternative to commercial software and do not require the newest and fastest computers to run well. Check this article for an easy to read comparison of Linux with Windows XP. This additional article contains comments from software professionals and managers concerning the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Windows XP versus Linux. Note that this is a Microsoft sponsored site. The acronym FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt".

Although commercially packaged Open Source software is available, you do not have to pay directly for Open Source software. Instead you may choose to download the software from the Internet, install, set up and maintain it yourself with help from a local Open Source user group. For critical complex "must work" enterprise installations an experienced Open Source professional is recommended.

Why Are We Hosting an Expo?

The Expo aims at raising public awareness that there is more to computers than just having Windows or buying a Mac. There is a whole parallel world of computing that allows you to do the same things. This merits serious consideration by business, the computer hobbyist and the casual home user.

The Expo is more than just a display of a cost effective alternative to proprietary commercial software. The expo is especially designed to showcase the achievements, talents and expertise of the many Open Source professionals that live and work in Saskatchewan. Examples of the successful application of Open Source software and Linux may be found at this site. Forbes, an influencial U.S. business magazine, has this article and some important links about the rising success of Linux in the business world.

What Will I See?

On Friday, the Expo will be opened by Regina mayor Pat Fiacco, plus a few opening remarks by LOSURS and ROSPA people. This will be followed by a keynote address from Jim Elliott, Linux Advocate for IBM Canada.

You will also see displays of many different Open Source applications, including:

Games Word Processors
Web Browsers Web Servers
Image Editors Networking
Database Computing for the Visually Impaired

There will be the first public showing in Canada of the documentary movie "Revolution OS".

On Friday, Open Source software professionals will be giving scheduled presentations with examples of applying Open Source solutions to the running of a business in an efficient and cost effective way. On Saturday, there will be more scheduled presentations, but these will be geared towards the home and small office user.

The most current presentation schedule is available here. The schedule is currently still subject to change before the Expo; please check back later if you want to be sure to see a certain presentation. Summaries of the presentations are also available.

For further information about the Expo, a list of the display booths, sponsors and demonstration schedule please contact us by email at expo-info@losurs.org.

Keynote Address

The Expo will begin on Friday with a keynote address by Jim Elliott from our title sponsor, IBM Canada.

Jim Elliott, Linux Advocate, IBM Canada

Jim is the Linux Advocate for IBM Canada. Over a 29 year career at IBM he has had roles in IT operations, mainframe systems programming and application development, and technical marketing support. For the last ten years he has been responsible for product management for a variety of enterprise server platforms for IBM Americas, including z/OS, OS/390, z/VM and VSE/ESA. From 1999 through 2001 he was the product manager for IBM's Linux mainframe environment. Since January of 2002, Jim has been IBM Canada's Linux Advocate and in that role is responsible for Linux and Open Source on IBM hardware, software, and services.

Keynote presentation agenda:

  1. Linux and Open Source Value Proposition:
    • Why Linux; source code compatible across all platforms from desktop to mainframe
    • Lower TCO and less complexity
    • Attracts the best talent, industry wide initiative built on OPEN STANDARDS
  2. IBM and Linux:
    • IBM has invested $1 billion in Linux across our products and services
    • How are we internally using Linux to reduce costs
  3. How customers are deploying Linux and Open Source solutions
  4. IBM products and services in support of Linux and Open Source

Seating for the keynote address is limited. To reserve your seat, please pre-register.

Thanks and Sponsors

The Expo is made possible by many volunteers, as well as, by the participation of corporate sponsors, local businesses and vendors. Major sponsors of the Expo include:

Local businesses sponsoring a demonstration booth or otherwise sponsoring the Regina Open Source Expo include Adventure Printing, Armand Roy Graphic Design, Audio Warehouse, Birdsong Communications, Brown Eyed Communications, Canopener, Clickstream Interactive Group, C World Travel, EDS Canada, Gem Multimedia, ISM Canada, Jaques Law Office, JCC Inc., John Wiley & Sons Canada, Marketel Systems, Inc., O'Hanlons Pub, Prairie Dog Magazine, Print One, PSD Services, Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, SaskPower, SEUL, TLA Consulting, TTL Computer Concepts, and Tyndal Stone Media.

Furthermore, two local vendors will have computer hardware on display and for sale at our installation booth. These vendors are PC Place and New Millenium Technologies (NMT).

We'd also like to thank MandrakeSoft, who will be providing copies of their Linux Mandrake distribution for use in the installfest component of the Expo.

For those of you who don't live in Regina but would like to attend the Expo, the Ramada Hotel has kindly offerred a special corporate room rate of $79.00/night if you mention the Regina Open Source Expo when booking.

For More Information...

For further information about the Expo, a list of the display booths, sponsors and demonstration schedule please contact us by email at expo-info@losurs.org.

Promotional Material

You may have seen our “The Penguin Has Landed” posters around town recently, hinting at the upcoming Expo. If you'd like to have your own copy of the poster, it's available for download. Also keep an eye out for the second series of posters, which will have more details about the Expo.

If you'd like to link to the Open Source Expo site, feel free to use our banner ad image (PNG, 11k). Please use the URL http://www.losurs.org/expo when linking to the Expo site.