Regina Open Source Expo Schedule

Friday November 8th, 2002

Time Description
9:00 Grand Opening by Regina's Mayor Pat Fiacco.
9:15 Welcoming remarks by LOSURS & ROSPA people.
9:30 Keynote Address by Jim Elliott, IBM Linux Advocate
11:00 E-commerce on a Budget - Bob Horton for Saskatchewan Dept. of Justice, Booth Area Open for Viewing
12:00 First Canadian viewing of the movie "Revolution OS"
1:00 Developing on Linux - IBM Software Group
1:30 Access Communications and Open Source - Scott Wunsch, Access Communications
2:00 File Services & Network Monitoring in the Enterprise - Chris Rothecker, ISC
2:30 Lotus Notes on Linux - IBM Canada
3:00 ISM Canada e-Utility Services - IBM Canada
3:30 Workflow Management - Ralph Olds, DCI Digital Communications Inc.
4:00 Dean Zurburg, Tapped Into
4:30 Linux on Blades and Clusters - Jim Elliott, IBM Linux Advocate

Saturday November 9th, 2002

Time Description
9:00 ChoOSing Free Software - Gord Eagle
10:00 Open Source in the Lab - Dr Edward Brash, U Regina Physics Department
11:00 Open Source In Education - Daryl Warkentin
12:00 RevolutionOS
1:30 Open Source on the desktop (OSD) Introduction
2:00 OSD: Word Processing
2:30 OSD: Spreadsheets
3:00 OSD: E-mail Clients
3:30 OSD: Web Browsers
4:00 OSD: Graphics Editors
4:30 OSD: CD Burning