refer format

What do these fields mean?

The fields used for publication information is in standard Unix refer(1) format. An abbrevated version of the manpage follows.

REFER(1)						 REFER(1)

       refer - preprocess bibliographic references for groff

   Bibliographic databases

       The bibliographic database is a text  file  consisting  of
       records separated by one or more blank lines.  Within each
       record fields start with a % at the beginning of  a  line.
       Each  field has a one character name that immediately fol-
       lows the %.  It is best to use only upper and  lower  case
       letters for  the  names of fields.  The name of the field
       should be followed by exactly one space, and then  by  the
       contents  of  the  field.   Empty fields are ignored.  The
       conventional meaning of each field is as follows:

       A      The name of an author.   If  the name  contains a
	      title  such  as Jr.  at the end, it should be sepa-
	      rated from the last name by a comma.  There can  be
	      multiple occurrences of the A field.  The order is
	      significant.  It is a good idea always to supply an
	      A field or a Q field.

       B      For an article that is part of a book, the title of
	      the book

       C      The place (city) of publication.

       D      The date of publication.	The year should be speci-
	      fied  in full.  If the month is specified, the name
	      rather than the number of the month should be used,
	      but  only the first three letters are required.  It
	      is a good idea always to supply a D field;  if  the
	      date  isunknown,  a  value  such  as  in press or
	      unknown can be used.

       E      For an article that is part of a book, the name  of
	      an  editor of the book.  Where the work has editors
	      and no authors, the names of the editors should  be
	      given  as  A fields and , (ed) or , (eds) should be
	      appended to the last author.

       G      US Government ordering number or ISBN.

       I      The publisher (issuer).

       J      For an article in a journal, the name of the  jour-

       N      Journal issue number.

       O      Other  information.  This is usually printed at the
	      end of the reference.  Commonly used for pricing

       P      Page number.  A range of pages can be specified  as

       Q      The name of the author, if the author is not a per-
	      son.  This will only be used if there are no A
	      fields.  There can only be one Q field.

       T      Title.   For  an article in a book or journal, this
	      should be the title of the article.

       V      Volume number of the journal or book.