Regina Open Source Expo Presentations

Below you will find a tentative summary of the presentations, held on Friday and Saturday Novemeber 8th and 9th, 2002. The times of each of these presentations can be found on the schedule page.There will also be a keynote address by IBM representative Jim Elliott in the morning for which pre-registration is required. Register by e-mailing expo-reg@losurs.org.

Open Source In Education - Daryl Warkentin

Providing quality education in our technology based society has become a costly and daunting task. Educators require access to tools and training not afforded them. Daryl Warkentin is an Open Source advocate who will discuss currently available, valuable, and cost effective Open Source solutions to these problems. Daryl will also explore the policy changes required to put Open Source solutions into use and extend them for the future.

E-commerce on a Budget - Bob Horton for Saskatchewan Dept. of Justice

The problem: Maintaining support for a legacy product written to provide internal support and information management that had become distributed to clients running a multitude of software and hardware. The solution: By using open source tools the legacy database information was made available through an SQL database and web interface decreasing maintenance problems for staff and increasing value to the end users.

Workflow Management - Ralph Olds, DCI Digital Communications Inc.

With more than 10,000 pages of information relating to previous projects that had been completed for their clients, DCI Digital Communications was facing ever increasing difficulty to leverage this information in helping them provide better service and decreased production costs on new and future projects. Using open source tools and local support, DCI was able to create a database of information from previous projects that allows for increased quality and customer support.

Access Communications and Open Source - Scott Wunsch, Access Communications

Access Communications has found many benefits to the use of open source software. Although the decision to use open source software was initially made in order to reduce software licensing costs, we have since found additional benefits to the use of open source. It has allowed us to customise the software to a level that just isn't possible with proprietary software, allowing us to streamline our network environment, and reduce the load on our network staff.

Open Source in the Lab - Dr Edward Brash, U Regina Physics Department

The Physics Department at the University of Regina uses a wide variety of Open Source solutions to solve a wide variety of problems. From high performance clusters to Open Source desktop applications come see how they are making the best use of their research dollars.

The Real World of Streaming - Dean Zurburg, TappedInto

Real Networks has just released their newest video streaming line of products. Real hopes to capture the market by going head to head with Microsoft in the streaming industry. Learn a bit about how Tappedinto has used Linux to power their streaming engines, and are using Real's Helix software to kill two proverbial birds with one stone.